Partnering for an Inclusive and Equitable future


Bridging Profit & Purpose

We provide a distinct opportunity to support the most promising early-stage fintech startups in Africa, yielding both investment returns and impact. The high-caliber entrepreneurs we partner with are solving real world problems at scale; capitalising on conducive macro trends, established digital infrastructures and maturing tech ecosystems. 

“Startups are pivotal in driving Financial Inclusion, crafting an equitable and sustainable future where economic opportunities are accessible to all ”

Fabrice Boullé, Partner


Partnering for the long-term

We’re entrepreneurs-first. We see our interests as unequivocally alignedEmphasising our support on strategic focus, customer feedback, and data-driven decisions, we confront hurdles, tackle performance discrepancies, and provide hands-on guidance. We guide our startups towards profitability, scalability, and capital efficiency. Our network comprises of Venture Capitalists, entrepreneurs, mentors, and executives. 


Whether you’re curious about our  impact strategy, we’re here to answer any questions.