Uncovering the best startups

We carefully appraise each opportunity as we are mindful of long term value creation. We assess each project to validate the Founders-Market fit, their distribution methodology and execution capacity and, the Exit strategy. Plus we ensure that there is a Founders-VC Fit. Over and above assessing the Business opportunity and scalability, we apply our “7Ts” matrix and assess:  Team, Timing, Trend, Traction, TAM, Tech, and Trenches.

Nurturing Purpose

Our intentionality is to partner with startups that share our commitment to to foster an inclusive and equitable growth and vision for long-term impact. Particularly in Africa, where urgent challenges require innovative tech solutions, we prioritise projects that foster inclusion, enable access to essential products and services, as we believe these value proposals will generate significant impact in the coming years. 

This framework is entrenched into our investment processes during the screening and due diligence, the action planning and monitoring, and reporting.